I often think that my life could have been easier if I had something more. More than I already have. Contrary to the saying “Be content with what you have”, I happen to believe that the world would never have progressed if everyone had been content with what they had. There never would have been Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

These very few anomalies make their mark in the world. I strive to make a mark, a mark which no one could ever remove.

The world is an intimidating place. Everything is intimidated by something. Mice are intimidated by cats. Cats are intimidated by dogs. Dogs are intimidated by humans. Humans are intimidated by a lot of things, but there is one thing that is common in all of them.

We all are intimidated by people we think are superior to us in some or the other way. I feel very intimidated by people who fit in everywhere, or by people who can use words  that I have to Google up to understand.

It definitely is one of the reasons why I have always procrastinated writing. I think that there are many people who are better than I am and I feared that I am not good enough to be able to write, but I have finally overcome that fear.

I have started to dream and I have started to try to turn those dreams into reality, because anything that has ever happened in this world has started with a dream. A dream is a place where you can let go of anything and be free, without anyone to judge you.

With a cup full of courage and self-esteem, I start a new journey.

A journey to dream.

Soñador, A Dreamer.


Zealot much?

Zealot much? – Cielo de sueño via Daily Prompt: Blindly

We live in a world full of religious dogmas. A young adult fears to take a stand and express his/her opinions on religion or religious beliefs. Why does one have to fear about something that is their right? This fear arises when we read news stating-“Man arrested in fatal stabbing after argument over ‘religious views’.” Why can’t people express their views without the fear of being hit or worse killed?

We fight over things that we don’t even completely understand. There is a huge difference between believing in a religion and following that religion blindly, although the two are separated by a very thin line.

Only a few of us try to understand what is preached in-depth. Even then, they may not fully understand and follow something completely different.

Most of us prefer being spoonfed. Thus, resulting in blind following. If the preacher says eat, they eat. If the preacher says nothing is superior than this then, nothing is superior than this.

Have we lost our power to think?

The things written down in the religious texts may have been for the betterment of people during that time, but views and mindset are to be amended with time. The condition of the world today is very different than it was thousands of years ago.

Many of the things have stuck with us like the gum on my shoe. Both unwanted.

Patriarchal paradigm still exists. We are making progress in leveling the structure of the society. It may take hundreds of years from now, but we won’t give up.

If the Earth was ‘Animal Farm’, I would want to be Benjamin( with a voice to lead) in the world full of Boxers.

Soñador, A Dreamer.